As we prepare to return to the studio for a third time, we could not be more excited! We have missed seeing all your faces and filling the studio’s full of laughter and chitchat.

Who would’ve thought, that over a year ago, when we first had to shut the studio doors, that we would be preparing for our third reopening! Fingers crossed that we will be able to continue dancing at the studio from now on.

While the studio doors have been closed, there has also been more work going on, such as new mirrors in Studio 1 and a new entrance, in preparation for when we can again welcome in all our parents/guardians! Hopefully not too much longer! However, while we are unable to have parents/guardians in the building, it is most important that you ensure all your details are up to date on the parent portal. We have also been busy in the background working on the timetable and bubbles, but we got there in the end, so thank you for all your cooperation. Plus, we know it will all be worth it to see our pupils face-to-face again! All the same procedures as before are in place, such as, bubbles, cleaning of studios and toilets in between classes and sanitizing upon arrival and exit. Please also remember to remain socially distanced outside the studios when waiting for your class and all pupils aged 11+ (unless exempt) need to wear a face mask upon entering, exiting and around the building.

We understand that lots of you may have had a growth spurt since we were last in, so please don’t worry about uniform for this term. We just want to get everyone in and dancing together again! Please wear anything comfortable and suitable to dance in. If you can still fit in your leotard then please ensure that you are wearing this for safety purposes, especially for Acro! Come September (keeping fingers and toes crossed!), uniform will be needed for all classes, across all age groups. Also, as we head into the warmer months, don’t forget to bring in your water bottles! Remember, we currently have no drinks/snacks available to purchase.

We have got lots of ideas in the pipeline and announcements for the months ahead, and we will keep you all updated as soon as we are ready to release these. Obviously, a lot of things depend on guidelines and restrictions, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that we can keep moving forward!

Counting down the days to see you all and share our love of dancing,

the Passion2Dance Academy team. x